Do you want to buy a Campground
or RV Park?

Campgrounds & RV Parks can be a great business investment. But in many cases it will also be your home.  Buying a campground can be a complicated and stressful process. Whether you are searching in Massachusetts, Maine or Michigan, we can help you.

Direct Search Capabilities
Our team can assist buyers identifying potential Campgrounds & RV Parks for sale throughout the country.  Northeast Campground Brokers represents the Seller and not the Buyer, in the marketing, negotiating and sale of the business and/or property that are listed with us. However, we may enter into a specific buy-side agreement to represent buyers as their buyer’s broker on parks that are not currently listed with our Company.

Why Buy a Campground?

Campgrounds & RV Parks are among the highest-yielding of all of the real estate classes. Many parks are not just a business, but often include owner’s residences. Most of the parks in the Northeast are seasonal so many owners take time off in the winter and re-charge in a warmer climate. You can enjoy being outdoors and being your own boss. These are just a few reasons why buyers are looking for a campground. As you begin your search, just remember that running your own campground is more than a job–it is a lifestyle change.

Down Payment and Cash Requirements
Most lenders will usually require a down payment of 20% – 30%. In addition to the down payment, a buyer will also need working capital or cash reserves to operate the business during the year. Depending on the time of the year of a sale, pre-collected deposits will be transferred to the buyer at closing (if the closing occurs prior to the opening of the season) and can often offset any working capital requirements. A buyer will also need money to pay bank fees, (i.e. origination fee, points, SBA point fee, document preparation) or other closing costs such as appraisal, survey, environmental inspection, title insurance, legal counsel, real estate transfer taxes, recording fees and other miscellaneous expenses.

Confidential Buyer Profile.
Northeast Campground Brokers endeavors to search for properties that fit the wants and needs of our clients.  In order to better serve you it will be helpful if you would share some information about yourself and your search.  Any information you give us stays with us and is only used to help meet your needs. We do NOT sell, rent or give your personal information to any third parties.
Please contact us to fill out a confidential Buyer Profile so that we can better serve you.