Northeast Campground Brokers is a Campground & RV Park Brokerage company focusing in the Northeast. We work with owners and sellers in those areas, but also assist buyers in locating parks throughout the country. We specialize in brokering and consulting for campgrounds & RV Parks.

Our professionals are experienced brokers and attorneys who understand the sensitivity of confidential information, and we take great care to protect such information of both sellers and buyers in all transactions.  Not only do we understand the financial and legal issues of structuring a deal, but we can assist with the diligence process as well.


miaMia Caetano Johnson
Principal Broker and Consultant

With more than 18 years of business and real estate law experience, Mia Caetano Johnson, expertly assists clients in all phases of sales and acquisitions of campgrounds, RV parks and resorts. She also assists in financing and other business services. Prior to forming Northeast Campground Brokers, Mia served as in-house counsel in the private sector with a major publicly traded company as well as with start-up entities to help establish and grow their businesses. She was also counsel in several law firms, including Hinckley Allen & Snyder in Providence, and Sullivan & Worcester in Boston. Currently, Mia also owns a business and real estate law firm, Johnson Law Associates, and is a commercial real estate broker.

Mia holds memberships in the New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Bar Associations, and holds real estate broker licenses in numerous northeastern states. Mia received her BA in political science from Union College in 1994, and she earned her JD, magna cum laude, from Albany Law School of Union University in 1997, where she was an associate editor of the Albany Law Review.

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ericEric Johnson
Consultant & Chief Technology Officer

With more than 15 years of real estate law experience, Eric has assisted small business owners through various size transactions. Eric received his B.S. in 1992 in administration of justice at Roger Williams College, and a JD in 2001 at Roger Williams School of Law.


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“My wife and I met Mia Caetano Johnson as we embarked on our journey to purchase a campground. Mia’s extensive experience in buying and selling businesses combined with her thorough understanding of the campground industry made Mia an invaluable partner. When we are ready to sell our campground Mia will be the one and only call we make.” — Ted Candiloro & Angela Medici, Owners of Whip-o-Will Campsites, Purling, NY

“Mia was not merely a sales agent when we purchased our campground, she was a mentor and a teacher. We came to the process with little knowledge of the campground world and she was willing to spend hours with us on the phone providing us with big-picture knowledge of the market, finances, and the legal questions involved. The fact that she is an attorney gives her a particular perspective that takes the long view of things, especially helpful to us as, in our fifties, we know the limits of our time in this venture. Her explanations of the market, financial and legal processes, as well as the nuts and bolts of operating a campground were always thorough and clear. Her presence at our closing, not required, and effected by driving 8 hours in a December snow storm, gave us the confidence that we had someone on our side who could advise us to the end. And she even brought us a gift. Personal attention;  a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate, law and camping; a willingness to give of her time and honest perspective. She made us a whole lot less anxious in the process, more like a friend than a hired hand.”  — Chuck and Laura Mills, Ashuelot River Campground, Swanzey, New Hampshire

“As the new owners of Sunfox Campground (formerly Deer Haven) in Lisbon, Connecticut, my wife and I are very thankful to Mia for all of her assistance throughout the search and purchase process.  We came to know Mia as we began looking to buy a campground, and she eagerly showed us numerous parks throughout NY, MA and CT.   Even though she represented the “seller” in the particular campground we chose, she was extremely helpful  to us, both in terms of her knowledge of the process and her concern for both parties involved.  She remained in steady contact, and was skilled in dealing with the lawyers representing the buyer and seller.  While most prospective owners may have a good understanding of what it takes to OPERATE a campground, it is unlikely that they are adept in the purchase process.  We would have certainly misjudged many aspects of the purchase without Mia’s guidance.  Her involvement with the Northeast Campground Owners Association and individual state associations is visible to those in the industry. Not only would I highly recommend Mia to anyone looking to buy a campground, I have already suggested Northeast Campground Brokers to fellow campground owners who have indicated a potential interest in selling their park.” — Dave & Jen Nowakowski, Sunfox Campground (formerly Deer Haven Campground), Lisbon, Connecticut